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Dev Log #2: Projects and MVP

April 18 2021

After a brief slow period I started working on my projects again.

The most notable of which is the Transcript Reader that my sister asked me to make. In essence, it takes a high school students transcript and parses out the classes they've taken, checks what requirements for graduation they've met so far, and then fills out a pdf of the the results. This should hopefully save the school counselors some time when helping students decide what classes to take next.

Below is a video demonstrating how the program works:

For a while I was hesitant to publish the program because it wasn't completely done yet. Then I thought about how even basic functionality can save them some time, and that I essentially already had a Minimum Viable Product. They can also help with bug discovery since I can only do so much testing on my own without access to a wide range of transcripts (due to student privacy).

As for the technology used, it was programmed in C#, using Windows Forms for the UI. For PDF reading and writing I used a library called iTextsharp, and then I used a sqlite database for storing the class credit relationships since I wanted it to be as portable as possible.

My other projects that I plan on working on include making this website look a bit better, a possible Spotify app that I've been thinking about for a while, and secret project that will hopefully be more developed in the next few months.